Data East Power Supply for 128×32 and 128×16 DMDs
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Data East Power Supply for 128×32 and 128×16 DMDs

(2 customer reviews)


Games:  Batman, Checkpoint, Guns N Roses, Hook, Jurassic Park, Last Action Hero, Lethal Weapon 3, Richie Rich, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Star Wars, Tales From the Crypt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WWMF Royal Rumble, The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard

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  • Plug & Play installation for installation by novices and experts alike
  • Slow Start circuit design to prevent surge current when powered on.
  • Highest 5V efficiency of any aftermarket power supply
  • Coolest running
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection on 5V power rail
  • Output fuse protection on High Voltage rails (+65v, -110v, -100) to help protect system when the DMD is failing.
  • Professionally assembled in USA for top quality
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty against all manufacturing defects
  • These power supplies are the only PinSound compatible aftermarket power supplies


NOTE:  When replacing your power supply, please take note of the condition of the GI pigtail harness and overall length of the available cables.  Consider selecting one of the GI replacement cables, XP-WMSGI-F, XP-WMSGI-M, or XP-WMSGI-EXT.



You have purchased an XPin Power Supply product or a product that provides power to another circuit board.  As with any system, and a pinball machine is a system, there is always a root cause for why a failure has occurred.

If you are replacing a board with this XPin product, and the reason is that power has been lost, or a fuse continues to blow, the XPin product will most likely do the same until the reason for the fuse blowing or power being lost is discovered and repaired.

A fuse is a device that prevents to much current from flowing through the electronic devices. If the circuit board that you are replacing was over fused, i.e. 5A used instead of a 0.5A, damage to the electronic components will occur. It is important to only use the rated fuses.

In cases involving High Voltage sections, like those circuits used to power Plasma displays, if the circuit board you are replacing has a failed HV circuit, there is a high probability that the Plasma display is the culprit and the HV circuit failed before a fuse could blow. A known design flaw exists in the circuit design of the WPC HV
section for plasma displays. The circuit will fail before the fuse will blow.

XPin Power Supplies are load tested to spec + 25%. For example, if a game is designed for a 5V 3A supply, XPin tests to 5V 3.75A minimum. Also, all supplies provided, (+5V, -12V, +12V, +90V, -90V, etc) are tested simultaneously to insure full function and interaction.

All XPin Power Supplies that provide +5V utilize a switching supply topology, which is more efficient and reduces heat, so no large heatsink is needed. The tradeoff is that it is more sensitive of issues in other areas of the system, i.e. the +12V and -12V rails. If the system has a problem in either of the +/-12V rails, it will impact
the +5V supply, possibly keeping the game from starting up or going through continuous resets. If this occurs, to start the debug process, unplugging the sound system isolates the +/-12V from the rest of the game. It has been my experience that in doing this the resets stop, the game will boot, and more troubleshooting can begin
with the sound system. The +/-12V system is a linear system so it is more tolerant of faults but if either rail is requiring more than the designed power output, the +5V will fail.


Additional Information
Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 2 in
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Data East Power Supply for 128×32 and 128×16 DMDs

  1. Dirkakron (verified owner)

    Good Solid Power Supply.
    Great Idea using LED lights to confirm all the voltages are correct at a glance. I’ve used these XPin Power Supplies in several Pinball machines, flawless each time!
    Thank you.

  2. Dirkakron (verified owner)

    Reliable and peace of mind!
    Everything starts from the power supply!

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