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A connector kit for the replacement of the old, brittle housings from years of use.  Kit provides replacements for the common connectors found on many Williams System 6a,7, 9 and 11, and Data East Version 1 pinball machines.

Out of stock


Kit contents:

  • Qty 1, 12 pin housing
  • Qty 2, 9 pin housings
  • Qty 1, 6 pin housing
  • Qty 40 Type A (22-28 AWG) crimp pins
  • Qty 4 key pegs

Tech Tip:

The manufacturers of the components for these kits specify that the contacts are guaranteed for a minimum of 20 insertion/removals.  Over time oxidation of the plating and stress on the pressure bends responsible for circuit contact will degrade the performance of the signal passed through the contact.  XPin recommends that when replacing a circuit board that the appropriate connectors be re-pinned for optimal performance.

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Recommended WMS System 11 Games:

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Recommended Data East Games:

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