Alltek Classic Bally/Stern Ultimate MPU
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Alltek Classic Bally/Stern Ultimate MPU


The Ultimate MPU Universal Bally/Stern Replacement Board is the last computer board you will need in your Bally®/Stern® pinball game. When you replace your old MPU/CPU board, which more than likely has the leaking battery issue, to a new board that uses the latest technology, you will never need to worry about battery damage again. Getting this board is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your pinball machine!   This board has over 90 games built into the EPROM. The board also has dozens of great features, such as freeplay for Bally® games, over voltage protection, plug and play installation, and some great troubleshooting extras. Check out all the great features in the list below. This board will make your game run better than ever!

In stock (can be backordered)


Main Features:

  • This board is a direct replacement for Bally® AS2518-17, AS2518-35, AS2518-133 and Stern® MPU-100 and MPU-200. You can check our FAQ for all the actual part numbers.
  • There are over 90 Bally® and Stern® pinball machine games preprogrammed in the EPROM chip! You can select the game you want using a dipswitch. You can see all the games programmed on our MPU board on the FAQ page.
  • This board is the only one out there that incorporates FREEPLAY mode for all of the Bally games.
  • You will never have battery damage again because this board doesn’t need any batteries! The on-board memory chip has over 100-year memory retention.
  • This board has an over-voltage protection circuit. This feature protects your game from voltage spikes that can damage an MPU board. If the Ultimate MPU board sees a voltage spike, it goes into protection mode. When you’re ready to reset the circuit, all you have to do is cycle the game off and on.
  • This board offers an on-board self-test button. It can be frustrating when the self-test button on the front door doesn’t work. With this MPU board you never have to worry about that again.
  • The MPU board also has auto-resettable fuse protection included in the over-voltage protection circuit.
  • Includes full static protection of all on-board IC’s.
  • This board has more test points to help measure voltages and signals than any other board.
  • This board has one chip reset which will replace the 16-component reset on your existing board.
  • Now you don’t have to turn the game off to reset using our on-board reset switch.
  • The board also has an on-board memory clear switch.
  • To make it even easier to troubleshoot your board, we have included LED voltage indicators.
  • There are no jumper changes with our automatic zero-crossing detector circuit.
  • This board is totally Plug and Play! With our easy to follow instructions, your pinball machine will be up and running in no time. You can watch the installation video.
  • You won’t have to do any modifications! Our board will fit on the same mounting rails in your game.
  • Included an improved, built-in diagnostic program. This provides a burn-in feature and enhanced troubleshooting when using our Ultimate Test Card.
  • All components on this board are labeled so that you can easily identify everything.
  • All of the IC’s are socketed.
  • As with all of the Ultimate Board products, there is an included lifetime warranty on this board. Check out our warranty page for details.